About Us

We started One Day Co with one big goal in mind – to create a tight-knit community where we lift each other up, pursue our dreams together, and cheer on every step of the journey. We had this 'one day' idea where we decided to stop just saying those words and instead, take a bold leap into an awesome apparel company that's all about spreading good vibes.

We're not all talk – we're all action. We're proudly donating 10% of our profits to incredible charities that motivate folks to transform their 'one day' promises into reality, one step at a time. When we donate, we also roll up our sleeves and get involved volunteering to be actively engaged in making a positive impact.

So, what's the heart of One Day Co? We're your friendly reminder that whatever your personal ONE DAY entails, all it takes is just One Day to start!

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